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Green Goodness

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It's time for tea drinkers to cross to where the grass is always greener! Bask in the healthy goodness of a cup of green tea or maybe two especially when you gift them our Green Goodness Bundle this Christmas. The Bundle includes;

A 250g bag of St Ali Green Korean Sencha; with deep jade green, this tea has an impressive depth of colour. It’s got a little fruity bounce to counteract that grassy bitterness, and all the smoothness and complexity you’d expect from an A-Grade cup of Sencha.

A 125g bag of St Ali Peppermint, this tisane sits somewhere between watermint and spearmint on the ‘minty scale’. This tea will help them out through the Christmas gorge as it's always been said that Peppermint tisane is good for digestion - give it a try you never know you might be able to have that second slice of pud.