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Keep Calm

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Hallowed yet humble loose leaf black tea is a global sensation! Drinking an Earl Grey loose leaf tea is the perfect way to wind down in the afternoon.

Our Keep Calm Bundle is the perfect Christmas gift for those who love to wind down or maybe need to. With a signature Earl Grey and a Peppermint tisane, it is a well-balanced gift for a tea drinker. The pack includes; 

A 250g bag of St Ali Earl Grey. The signature Earl Grey is a premium, organic black tea and infused with fragrant bergamot oil. This tea has a bold black tea base with soft citrus notes bringing balance to the resulting cup.

A 125g bag of St Ali Peppermint, this tisane sits somewhere between watermint and spearmint on the ‘minty scale’. This tea will help them out through the Christmas gorge as it's always been said that Peppermint tisane is good for digestion - give it a try you never know you might be able to have that second slice of pud.