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Cold Brew Pure Black 2 Litres

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Soul Origin House Blend coffee slow brewed to make a convenient cold brew coffee to be enjoyed with friends, either with milk, over ice, or simply chilled! Made from the finest coffee in Latin America, our cold brew is roasted and blended right here in Australia to bring balance and sweetness to every cup. Our Pure Black Cold Brew is perfect to by enjoyed by itself, just add some ice to make it an extra cold iced drink!

Flavour: Toffee Caramel + Roasted Almonds + Dark Chocolate.

Profile: Rich | Balanced


The original Soul Origin House blend: a combination of coffees that have been carefully selected and blended from Brazil and Colombia varieties.

Believing in meaningful relationships with local farmers at origin, Soul Origin strives to use coffee that is fully traceable and is sourced through direct relationships with farmers and co-ops.