A Trip to Ireland

A Trip to Ireland

It’s time to travel the world with us again. Today we will be visiting Ireland to try out their renowned Irish Coffee. This boozy-style coffee treat has become an international favourite with many countries across the world recreating this delicious drink. This recipe has the perfect ratio of Coffee to Bailey’s Irish Cream!   



The Irish Coffee is still fairly new compared to some of the other recipes we’ve tried from across the world. The drink was created in Limerick, Ireland in the early 1940s during World War II by Chef Joe Sheridan. According to all the stories, he was working at an airport and there were some major delays for passengers. He then created the very famous Irish Coffee for the passengers to enjoy while they waited for their flight. I’m sure after a major flight delay, we would all love to be served a coffee-style cocktail. Maybe once we start travelling again, it can be your post trip coffee cocktail.  

After becoming a signature drink at the Airport, it travelled all around the globe and has been changed in various ways. With some recipes using a less sweet, thickened cream and other recipes incorporating an Irish Whiskey along with Bailey’s Irish Cream. That’s why we love this recipe so much, it is very diverse, and we were able to trial lots of variations.  

The below recipe is definitely one of the SO espresso teams favourite. It really showcased the taste of the coffee however it still had that beautiful sweetness we love in our desserts or cocktails. We tried this recipe with our House Blend Coffee Beans and it paired really well with the Irish Cream, not being overly sweet or acidic. 




  • 2 x Warm Espresso Shots 
  • 1 Shot x Bailey’s Irish Cream  
  • 250ml x Hot Water  
  • 2 tsp x Brown Sugar  
  • Whipped cream to serve 


  1. Brew espresso shots according to machine instructions.
  2. Add Brown Sugar to glass.
  3. Add espresso shots and hot water to glass. 
  4. Add Bailey’s Irish Cream. 
  5. Stir well to ensure sugar has dissolved. 
  6. Serve topped with whipped cream. 
  7. Enjoy and drink responsibly! 


We hope you love trying out this recipe as much as we did. Let us know if you tried it or how you enjoy your coffee cocktails and make sure you tag us in all of your coffee creations @so_espresso.  
























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