Guatemala El Rincon Single Origin Coffee

Guatemala El Rincon Single Origin Coffee

Grown in the beautiful highlands of Huehuetenango, El Rincon is our newest Single Origin Coffee. The region is covered in stunning forests and is famous for its coffee growing abilities. Jorge Vides started growing coffee in Guatemala back in 1958 and his family are continuing his hard work today. The award-winning coffee growers earned second place when entering the Cup of Excellence for the first time and it was first the time the competition included Guatemala.  

SO & the Vides Family 

We have worked for with the Vides Family for the past six years. They own six farms within the highlands region and are producing top quality coffee all year round. Not only do we love their coffee, but they share similar beliefs and focus on environmental sustainability. Like us, they know creating great coffee and great outcomes for the environment is so important. All their practices used ensure in years to come their farming will have minimal if not no negative impacts on the land or environment.  

Specialty Coffee 

After years of growing and working with coffee, they have focused on perfecting the growing by creating specialty micro-lots across their six farms. By having separate farms, it allows the family and their team to focus on each of the coffee trees, carefully pruning and cultivating. Therefore, being able to produce multiple coffee blends at the one time. This particular Single Origin Coffee that we have sourced for you is Guatemala El Rincon. Bourbon being of an arabica variety, it is renowned for its growing ability in high altitudes. This is perfect for the highland's region of Huehuetenango, Guatemala where you’ll find our Single Origin growing.  

Guatamala El Rincon 

Our Single Origin also undergoes wet processing common amongst many speciality coffee varieties. By washing them consistently and removing the cherry before drying it creates uniformity across every bean. Within the farm they will mill and grade their coffees to export to us here at SO espresso. Once we have received the coffee beans, we roast the beans fresh to order for you to enjoy. This meticulous system we have adopted ensures there is little to no difference between each individual coffee bean grown. That is why we love Single Origin coffee so much; you can enjoy this coffee’s flavour completely uninterrupted.  

Taste Profile 

The flavours of El Rincon are plum and panel. It has beautiful, sweet undertones that can be enjoyed with or without milk. This coffee truly highlights that impeccable quality, care and attention to detail the Vides family is always aiming to achieve. Now like with any coffee bean, there is a perfect Golden Recipe. Our Coffee Expert Sam has shared with us how to enjoy this Single Origin below.  

For an espresso shot: 

  • DOSE: 20-22g 
  • YIELD:46-52g 
  • TIME: 26-32s 

For filter coffee: 

  • DOSE: 12g 
  • YIELD: 200ml  
  • TIME: 2-2½ min 


For any questions or tips on using Single Origin please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on socials. We want everyone to enjoy this Coffee as much as we do! 

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