Single Origin Coffee Just Landed

Single Origin Coffee Just Landed

Single Origin Coffee 

There’s no better way to kick off August than with the introduction of our new Single Origin coffee. We have worked for months to guarantee our customers the best possible Single Origin coffee to try out.  


Why Single Origin coffee? 

Single Origin coffee is coffee beans being sourced from only one geographical region and all undergoing the same process. These coffee beans will undergo the exact same elements in terms of climate, area of growth, washing process, pulping, fermentation and finally roasting. By ensuring all coffee beans experience the same process, we can guarantee our customers these flavours will be at their purest form and greatest intensity. Also with every cup of coffee there will be no variations of quality or flavour.   


Current Single Origin Coffee 

Our Single Origin originates from Limu within the Djimma region in Ethiopia. The area is renowned for its coffee and coffee selection process is incredibly thorough ensuring top quality coffee flavours. The region itself has great soil fertility due to the many forests within the area, the foliage from the forests has created a beautiful cycle of composting. With the trees foliage contributing to the nutrients in the soil when naturally composted, therefore allowing greater growth of these cherries.  


Throughout this region there are many farmers of cherries, with most farms being approximately less than a hectare. Therefore, creating an abundance of cherries available for sale after they have passed a strict selection process carried out by the famers. Farmers usually handpick the cherries to determine if the cherry is of a high quality. Once a cherry is selected it will be delivered to a washing station and undergo washing. If the cherries do not float or appear under-ripened or damaged, they will not pass the selection process. The cherries that meet these standards will be pulped and fermented. This fermentation often occurs in the water and may involve changing the water several times throughout the fermentation process. Once fermented the cherries are laid onto parchment to dry. The meticulous process involves the parchment being picked at to ensure there is no damaged parchment and rotating the parchment to evenly dry the cherries. Once dried the now coffee beans are sent to us, and we freshly roast them with every new order.  


Each cherry in this area undergoes the exact same process to ensure once dried, roasted and grinded it has an optimal flavour profile. The tasting notes of our Single Origin coffee is effervescent brightness and has sweet floral notes. The flavours while simple when tasted on the palate make for a very delicious yet complex coffee. The acidity we found is almost citric with the variety being Orange Juice and Oolong Tea.  

For a new flavour to try at home, we recommend trying out our Single Origin coffee. The flavours are quite different from our House Blend. However they can still be enjoyed exactly the same way, whether that be in a cappuccino, latte or even an iced coffee.  

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