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Vegan Chai Time!

Vegan Chai Time!

You asked and we answered! We have been inundated by requests since our launch to sell our signature Vegan Chai on SO espresso. So, consider this a present! Our Chai has been a customer favourite for many, many years at Soul Origin. The flavour is super delicious and if you haven’t tried it already, we can’t wait for you to give it a go! It’s also completely vegan so if you’re plant-based or unable to have dairy it is the perfect Chai for you.  


Chai Origins 

Chai originated hundreds and hundreds of years ago. Created in India, Chai was referred to as ‘Masala Chai’ meaning mixed spice tea. This is the perfect description of Chai Tea. However, like with any coffee or tea recipe, it has developed and changed into completely different recipes. Originally herbal tea, the Chai Latte or an Iced Chai is more of a milk-based beverage. The Chai Latte didn’t become very “mainstream” until the 1990’s in the US. Since then, it has evolved even further, with the Chai Latte and Iced Chai’s being a staple on almost every local café menu.  


Our Signature Chai Recipes 

We love our Chai as an afternoon treat and it is super versatile. We have chatted with our Coffee Expert @coffeebysamtaylor for his favourite recipes to enjoy Chai at home. These recipes are great and amazingly easy. The best part is that they only require a couple of basic ingredients!  


Iced Chai over Ice: 

With the weather warming up, we know an Iced Treat is the way to go!  


  • 15g x Chai Powder 
  • 20mL x Hot Water 
  • 6 pieces x Ice 
  • 200mL x Milk of your choice  
  • 2 x Cups 


  1. Place glass in freezer for about 20 mins (optional) 
  2. Add Chai powder and Hot water to a separate glass, mix well to ensure all powder is dissolved 
  3. Fill glass from freezer with ice and add milk 
  4. Pour chai mixture over the top 
  5. Stir and enjoy! 


Chai Latte 

Now if you love the classics, you can’t look past a Chai Latte. This recipe is so easy and so delicious. We love a Chai Latte in the afternoons when the weather starts to cool down a bit and you need a little sugar pick-me-up.   


  • 15g x Chai Powder (link) 
  • 20mL x Hot Water 
  • 200mL x Hot Milk 
  • 8 oz Cup 


  1. Add Chai Powder and Hot Water to Cup, mix well to ensure powder is dissolved 
  2. Add Hot Milk to Chai Mixture and stir well 
  3. Time to enjoy!