Single Origin - Red Catuai

Single Origin - Red Catuai

It's time to try our latest Single Origin... The Red Catuai is sourced from North Queensland Australia. Grown, harvested, and processed by the Murat Family it is a seriously delicious brew. The Murat Family have dedicated their lives to growing and creating beautiful coffee. Their Farm is nestled between world heritage rainforests and the outback savannah. Perfect conditions for coffee growing with the rich volcanic soil that is soaked with monsoonal rains and dried with the North Queensland sun. 


Flavour Profile:

This Single Origin has a gorgeous flavour reminiscent of iconic Australian favourites including Lemon Myrtle & Macadamia. The gorgeous lemon myrtle cuts through the acidity of the espresso. While the Macadamia adds a delicious nuttiness to the coffee.


Golden Recipe


With any new Single Origin, our Coffee Experts always provide a Golden Recipe to make sure the luscious flavours shine in a perfect brew! Red Catuai (washed) is best enjoyed as an espresso, with the below instructions:


For an espresso shot:


Dose: 20.5g


Yield: 45g


Time: 28-30s



TASTES LIKE: Lemon Myrtle & Macadamia

COUNTRY: Australia

SUB REGION, REGION: Mareeba, North Queensland

PRODUCER: Murat Family




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SO espresso has a commitment to quality. Using only the best beans in our specialty coffee means that we never compromise on quality. Our coffee is sourced direct from Origin, graded, and then roasted right here in Australia. The Red Catuai is 100% Australian grown, harvested and roasted. It’s the perfect way to support Australian businesses and enjoy a quality brew.


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