Easter Treat- Single Origin Kunjin Washed

Easter Treat- Single Origin Kunjin Washed

Looking for the perfect Easter treat? Our newest Single Origin, Kunjin Washed, is Easter in a coffee bean. With beautiful sweetness reminiscent of Milk Chocolate and hints of dried dates, it reminds us here at SO espresso of a delicious fruit chocolate bar. Sourced directly from Papua New Guinea, we roast the coffee beans and send them straight to you! 


Papua New Guinea 

Unlike many of our previous Single Origins, the cherries are sourced from a variety of farms in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Each farm is around 1.5 hectares with about 2500 trees per hectare. The milling, washing and drying of the cherries takes place in the Wahgi Valley. These mills purchase direct from these farmers.  


Milling, Washing and Roasting 

The Mills have a very strict processing system to ensure the highest quality cherries- even though the cherries were grown in various farms. During the milling and drying, the team will separate the cherries into lots to process individually. By separating the cherries, it allows the team to have greater control over the production of each coffee bean.  

Once the cherry arrives at the wet mill, it will be sorted and then de-pulped. It will undergo dry fermentation for 24 hours, then it is washed and dried on bog tarpaulins for up to 6 days. This meticulous process is what we love about Single Origin coffees. It ensures uniformity between every bean and really showcases these delicious flavours.  


Golden Recipe 

To really helps those flavours shine, it’s important to follow the Golden Recipe created by our Coffee Experts. We recommend enjoying Kunjin as an espresso, but it still tastes delicious when enjoyed with milk.  

Dose: 20.5g  

Yield: 50g  

Time: 27 seconds 

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