La Florida Single Origin Launch

La Florida Single Origin Launch

Balance is key in any killer coffee and we strive for perfection with every cup. Our new Single Origin, La Florida, is everything we love in a coffee. We’re talking Milk Chocolate and Orange citrussy goodness, sourced from the tropical landscape of El Salvador. This coffee is delicious –  and we are really digging the Jaffa in a coffee vibe!  


Los Naranjos Farm 

La Florida is grown at the Los Naranjos Farm located in El Salvador within the Apaneca/Ilamatepec mountain regions. Focused on providing a more consistent and flavourful cup of coffee. The Los Naranjos Farm uses Aida Batlle Selection program. This process is very experimental as they change their harvesting, washing and drying techniques to ensure that the coffee gets better each time. They have also reduced their use of chemical pesticides to ensure they reduce their carbon footprint and make a greener coffee.  


Community Impact 

One thing we really love about working with Los Naranjos farm is their contribution to the local community. The Farm works with local Farmers to help develop their coffee growing abilities and enable them to work in the high-end specialty coffee market. They have also focused on ensuring children are able to access education by improving local schooling. Notably, the Farm has worked to provide the community with accessible clean drinking water. By purchasing their coffee, you help Los Naranjos farm continue their amazing work.  


Taste Profile 

If you’re a chocolate lover this one is for you! Best enjoyed as an espresso shot to showcase the delicious flavours, notably the milk chocolate and orange. The acidity of the citrus flavour cuts through the sweetness of the chocolate to ensure a balanced coffee all round.   


Golden Recipe 

With any new Single Origin, our Coffee Experts always provide a Golden Recipe to make sure the delicious flavours shine! La Florida is best enjoyed as an espresso, with the below instructions: 


For an espresso shot: 

Dose: 20-22g 

Yield: 46-52g 

Time: 26-32s 


Grab yours here!

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