Oat Milk Goodness

Oat Milk Goodness

Move over Cow’s Milk we’re all about the Oat… We know it can be scary to mix up a coffee routine. No one wants to start their day of with a watery cup of joe. But rest assured Oat Milk is creamydelicious and perfect to add to your morning brew!


The Alternative Dairy Co Oat Milk

The Alternative Dairy Co is our favourite plant-based milk producer. Their plant-based milks showcase plant-based products at their best. Their Oat Milk is to die for (I know we sound dramatic but honestly, it’s incredible). Made with Oats and only 5 other ingredients its simplicity is what makes it oh so good. Did we mention it’s Australian made and grown? They source all their Oats from the Riverina region located in NSW.

We recommend their Oat Milk for really any product, whether it’s coffee, tea or a smoothie. We have also been adding it to our morning porridge, cereal and even our dinner recipes- Britt made a delish plant-based Mac and Cheese using Oat Milk for the bechamel sauce! Because we are such fan’s we’ve pulled together the perfect Summer Bundle for you to enjoy that coffee and milk goodness – check it out here.



Oat milk is hands down the most sustainable milk option on the market. The Dairy Industry has a significant impact on the environment, it is truly shocking. For every 1L of dairy milk, it is estimated it produces an estimated 1kg of Carbon Dioxide. Which has a significant impact on Greenhouse Gas production. Dairy Farms also require enormous space to house cattle, clearing land, ruining topsoil, and creating issues such as erosion. The grain and water required to nourish cattle then also produce a lot of methane contributing to even more greenhouse gases. While producing Oat Milk requires 9 times less land and hundreds of litres less water for each litre of milk produced.


The Alternative Dairy Co Sustainability

The Alternative Dairy Co ensures their Oat Milk has very minimal effect on the planet by using a very simple manufacturing process. With only 6 ingredients and 3 production steps, it’s definitely ticking all the sustainability boxes.

Their production process is:

  1. Mill Oats into flour
  2. Brew Oat flour with natural enzymes and water
  3. Filter mixture until it becomes a smooth texture

Don’t be fooled by the simple process they have mastered the creamy texture. Remember it is the simple things in life that make it so good.




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