Peru El Diamante

Peru El Diamante

The latest Single Origin hitting SO espresso is the Peru El Diamante. With a soft and juicy acidity reminiscent of fresh pears and peach-like sweetness, it’s a delicious way to start your day! At SO espresso we strive to build strong and sustainable relationships with our producers. Peru El Diamante is produced by the Aromas del Valle, an innovative co-op located in Peru. The mission at the Co-Op is to create greater opportunities for producers and produce the highest quality coffee in the region. 


Selection Process 

The producers handpick the best coffee cherries to undergo a lengthy fermentation of 18 hours. During this process any cherries with a lower density will be removed to ensure only the highest quality cherry is sun-dried. The sun-drying of the cherries is very strict as well, with the cherries placed on raised beds for around 18 days to reach a moisture level of 12%.   


Taste Profile 

Peru El Diamante is a flavourful and fresh tasting coffee, best enjoyed as an Espresso. The flavour notes are candied orange and jersey caramel. It is a very soft acidity with our Coffee Experts comparing the Single Origin to pear juice! 


Golden Recipe 

With any new Single Origin, our Coffee Experts always provide a Golden Recipe to make sure the luscious flavours shine in a perfect brew! Peru El Diamante is best enjoyed as an espresso, with the below instructions: 


For an espresso shot: 

Dose: 20-22g 

Yield: 46-52g 

Time: 26-32s 


For filter coffee: 

Dose: 12g 

Yield: 200ml 

Time: 2-2.5 mins 


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