The Luck of the Irish

The Luck of the Irish

It’s time to get into the Irish Spirit. We love St. Patrick’s Day or really any excuse to celebrate with a new coffee recipe. We know we’re cheating a little bit with this recipe. But we think once you try our Baileys Affogato you’ll let this one slide. Affogatos are traditionally Italian, but we’ve added Baileys for a bit of a twist on a classic. I mean its ice-cream, Baileys and espresso shots… need we say more? 


What is St Patrick’s Day? 

St. Patrick’s Day is the celebration of the life of the late Patron Saint Patrick of Ireland. Many celebrate the 17th of March to commemorate their Irish heritage.  

The day has evolved quite a bit since 1631 when it was first created. With many celebrating by wearing comical hats, enjoying soda bread or in our case getting creative with the traditional Irish Baileys.  



This recipe is simple yet perfect. It’s important with so few ingredients that the espresso shot is balanced. Sticking to our Coffee Expert’s Golden Recipe for our Signature House Blend:  

  • 21 grams of ground coffee into the portafilter  
  • 50 grams of espresso out  
  • 26-28 seconds is best!  

Trust us, nailing the espresso shots will showcase the beautiful flavours of our House Blend. These being Toffee Caramel, Roasted Almonds and Dark Chocolate. The perfect pairing for Baileys Irish Cream and Ice-cream if you ask us!  



  1. Place Naked SoL Cup in freezer at least 30 minutes before making.  
  2. Brew coffee according to machine instructions to make 1-2 espresso shots.  
  3. Place scoop of ice-cream into glass.
  4. Pour hot espresso shots and Baileys Irish Cream over ice-cream.  
  5. Serve immediately and enjoy!  


Please share with us on our socials if you tried this recipe out at home. Don't forget to try it out with our House Blend Coffee beans. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 

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