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Single Origin: Australian Red Catuai

Single Origin: Australian Red Catuai

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The Murat family’s patriarch, Hymet “Jack” Murat, migrated to Australia in 1929, acquiring Arriba Farm primarily for tobacco cultivation. In 2014, his descendants Ben and Jamal shifted to coffee farming, drawn by the region’s potential and Australia’s vibrant coffee culture.

The entire Murat family, including Plum, Paul, Jack, and Daimin, actively participate in the venture, emphasising continual improvement with an in-house agronomist and collaborations with experts. Partnerships with Australian universities refine agronomic practices and cup quality.

Following harvest, the coffee cherries undergo a meticulous processing regimen, including flotation, pulping, and fermentation. Subsequently, the parchment undergoes washing, and the beans are carefully dried.

Positioned at the forefront of Australia’s specialty coffee industry, the Murat family’s unwavering dedication shines through in every exquisite cup.

REGION: Mareeba, Queensland
MASL: 700
CULTIVAR: Red Catuai
PROCESS: Fully Washed

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